Sunday, March 24, 2013

Thrift Log

We had some exciting finds this weekend! First up, the keepers. I have a thing for jars, vintage and otherwise. We buy a lot of groceries from the bulk section, so jars are a necessity and this one was a nice little size and I had to buy one more thing to meet the estate sale company's required amount to spend in order to receive the 50% discount. So I spent 50 extra cents to save $2.50 - I'll take it! The Taylor and Ng pot holder may be my fave find from the weekend. I usually pass right by the requisite box of kitchen towels, potholders, and aprons at estate sales because I'm usually disappointed - I'll see something super cute, only to realize once I pull it out that it has a huge stain. But something was calling me to the box of kitchen linens and I lucked out this time! The book is actually not a keeper - it is a gift for my dear friend, and it is giving my pot holder a run for its money in the fave find department.

I found this book in the garage at an estate sale and the pretty green color caught my eye. Then I saw the  title "Love Letters of Famous Royalties & Commanders" and knew my friend would love it. She is into history and love letters and she is particularly interested in Napoleon. So imagine what a treat it was when I opened to the Napoleon letters and found a flower pressed between the pages! Added bonus: it's a first edition from 1909. Extra added bonus: it was priced the same as all the other hardback books. I can't wait to give it to her!

Christmas finds! I found the Kosta Boda glass dove at a thrift store right by my house where I have not had much luck lately, so finding this was a real treat. The deer reindeer bowl came from an estate sale and I just love his elegant mod legs. I'll have to polish him, but I think he'll clean up easily. These could both easily by keepers, because they are both very much my style, but I have plenty of holiday decorations as it is.

I also had some fun kitschy finds this weekend. I actually found seven of the Holly Hobbie glasses and I think they are so sweet. "Start each day in a happy way."  The unicorn mug was also a fun find. I love the strawberries and his swirly mane and tail.

Last, but not least, a fancy alarm clock - the first working one we've ever found. It plugs in, which is great. Clocks that need to be wound just don't seem practical to me. A pair of excellent king size pillow cases, and a small gold stapler rounded out our finds for the weekend.

I hope you had good weekends as well!

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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Super Thrift Sunday

"Super" may be a bit of a stretch, but the thrifting today was better than it has been lately.  But first up - the goods from the estate sales we stopped at yesterday.

My husband found a decanter to add to his collection, for only $2!  He also spotted the stapler, which will go in the etsy shop. I actually found the candlestick last week at a sale I spotted on the way home from the grocery store. It was only so-so, until I walked into the room in the back of the house. Even then it was still so-so - just a pile of toys and....this awesome candlestick abandoned in the corner! I immediately began searching for its mate, but no luck there. It's shiny lacquer and marked Japan on the bottom. It wasn't priced, but I was happy when the woman running the sale said she'd take $1.

Today I vowed I was not going to leave the house, but the siren song of the thrift store could not be ignored. I went first to a place I've discovered only recently that I really like. It's clean, organized, and never crowded. The two pennants are dated 1982 and 1985, and were too fun to ignore. The stapler is way cooler looking in real life - it's a nice pastel yellow and has good lines. And, finally, I found a clock that is in good shape and works (this never happens). It's a nice, simple, vintage Westclox. All these will go in the shop.

I was planning on heading right home after that thrift store, but decided to make a quick stop at another that is very close to my house. I never buy ashtrays....except today. I loved the shape, the good condition, and it's marked USA on the bottom. It will go in the shop. The little Pyrex restaurant ware saucer is a keeper, and was only 40 cents! I love Pyrex restaurant ware and always find uses for little plates - it will probably go under a plant pot or a lucky cat will be served his nightly wet food on it. Sadly, the little plate didn't have any friends hanging around. I'll have to keep my eyes peeled - maybe more will turn up!

That's all for now - there are Super Bowl snacks calling my name!